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Welcome to Carhire Manager Web

The ultimate car rental software

What is Carhire Manager Web?It is a fully web based, state-of-the-art car rental software. The system is a .NET web application with Oracle database technology that enables car rental operators to maximise profitability in their activities. Carhire Manager Web is a tool that will be used efficiently and effectively by any car rental company portfolio of any size for the next 20 years.

Carhire Manager Web - The ultimate car rental software
Carhire Manager Web uses the latest software technologies in the field. The heart that drives the car hire system is ASP.NET, framework 4. The software is written in a combination of programming languages, such as C#, HTML, Javascript, JQuery and it also utilises AJAX and JSON technologies. Carhire manager web is easily configured to run on Windows Server through the Internet Information Services (IIS). The database engine of Carhire Manager Web''s system is based on Oracle Database.
Finally, Carhire Manager Web uses the powerful reporting tools Crystal Reports, which is a completely web-based solution (installed on the IIS server) to present and analyse data in a professional look. Crystal Reports enables the user to export reports in PDF, Excel and Word formats. The user has also the possibility to send reports to another user via email.

Being a fully web based car rental software means that you and your employees in the car rental business can run it from any computer or workstation without requirements and installation. All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection! All major browsers are supported such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

This setup can be easily applied to a multitude of working scenarios when for example your employees, in your car rental business, have access to the system from their working environments in the office, or even for remote users, employees which are on working environments outside the office...


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